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Watch our video testimonials of how we made extremely miserable odor conditions livable again within 24 hours

Note to the public: In the following videos, we did not remove carpet. We did not seal or paint the walls or ceilings. We did not saturate the carpet with an enzyme. We simply used our product and eliminated all odors within 24 hours, saving these clients thousands of dollars from normal procedures of removing carpet and pad, sealing and painting walls, etc… Call 505-362-0344

Here is a link to a great 19 page report explaining the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide

Free Odor Removal Inspections

Free Inspection Banner We have always given free visual odor inspections. We will visually inspect your entire home, which includes the attic and crawlspace, if needed. The free inspection only applies to the owner of the property. Will will perform a free visual odor inspection for a rental as long as we have permission from the owner of the property.

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These Are The Top 6 Odors Most Clients Need Removed

1. Pet urine odor elimination is number 1 on the list.

2. Cigarette smoke odor removal is number 2 on the list.

3. Cooking odors completely removed, such as fish and curry are number 3 on our list.

4. Musty basement and crawl space odor removal is number 4 on our list of most calls for odor removal.

5. Automobile odors are gone completely with our system within 1 hour.

6. Smoke odor elimination from a house fire makes our top 5 list.

Our Chlorine Dioxide odor elimination treatment is perfect for…

Homes, Basements, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Heath Care Facilities, Law Enforcement Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Containers, Kennels, Dumpsters, Storage Units, Cabins, Yachts, Shipping Containers & all types of Vehicles!

And the list goes on and on…

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Chlorine Dioxide Was Used In The 2001 Anthrax Cleanup

In 2001 when the Brentwood Post Office and the Hart Senate Building were attacked with anthrax, Chlorine Dioxide was one of the chemicals used for the cleanup and decontamination of anthrax. Anthrax is spread by spores or by skin contact. Chlorine Dioxide gas attacks the spores in the air and Chlorine Dioxide liquid takes care of surface cleaning. CLO2 was successful in the elimination of the anthrax disease. Another great article on CLO2 is by the American Chemistry Council. Also check out the following article, Safety and Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide for Legionella Control in a Hospital Water System

If we only had 6 words to explain what our system does to odors, it would be these following words: Eliminate, Eradicate, Obliterate, Exterminate, Annihilate and Abolish.

Imagine Complete Odor Elimination Within 24 Hours

Before I discovered Chlorine Dioxide for odor elimination, I would need to find the odor source and remove it by using a specific enzyme for the type of odor or another odor removal product, and completely saturate the area with the enzyme. This was not very efficient because odors penetrate areas outside the source. It was nearly impossible to get 100% odor removal. I actually stopped doing odor removal jobs for nearly ten years and only recently started back with our Revolutionary miracle gassing system that 100% removes any and all odors within 24 hours.

Our exclusive odor elimination system will permanently remove all odors like no one else can. We took a system that was already working adequately and spent thousands to improve on it. We figured out the proper Chlorine Dioxide parts per million needed to destroy any odor. Our system will find the odor molecules in all areas of the property and neutralize them by completely oxidizing the odor and leaving behind a harmless “salt”. The odor is gone forever without leaving behind any toxic chemicals.

How does the All Odors Gone Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ Remove Odors in my home or business?

The miracle gas I’m talking about is “Chlorine Dioxide”. Most people that I talk with have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide. People often think its bleach, (which is NsCIO or Sodium Hypochlorite) I even thought it was bleach when I first learned about this powerful, safe, odor killing product. Like bleach, Chlorine Dioxide  is also used as a sanitizing and bleaching agent. But unlike bleach, Chlorine Dioxide is very safe to use, and Chlorine Dioxide will not leave any toxic residue. Our product produces a dense gas that is attracted to the odor particles, disintegrates them and leaves only a trace of biodegradable residue, or “salts”.

Chlorine Dioxide gas has a short life span, it does its job by oxidizing the odor and then becomes a harmless salt. This really is a miracle odor eliminator.

Chlorine Dioxide was discovered in 1811 by Sir Humphrey Davey. In 1944 it was used as a commercial Biocide control agent in domestic water at Niagara Falls. In 2001 Chlorine Dioxide was used to decontaminate the buildings in the United States after the anthrax attacks. Then in 2005 it was used after Hurricane Katrina to eradicate dangerous mold from homes and businesses inundated by water from the massive flooding.

Any Odor You Can Imagine is Eliminated Completely

100% Guaranteed Pet Urine Odor Removal

100% Guaranteed Skunk Odor Removal

100% Guaranteed Cigarette Smoke Odor Eliminated

100% Guarantee Any Cooking Odor Removed

Complete Elimination of Formaldehyde Odors. We Guarantee It!

We Guarantee 100% Removal of Marijuana Odors

All Moldy or Musty Odors Eliminated

All Automobile Odors Removed Within 1 Hour

Dead Animal Odor Completely Removed

Incense Odors Completely Eliminated

All Locker Room Odors Removed

Gas or Diesel Odors Completely Eliminated

Fresh Paint Odor Removed Within 24 Hours

Locker Room Equipment Odors Removed

Chlorine Dioxide Gas Size Chart

Chlorine Dioxide Gas Particle Size Chart

Size Does Matter When It Come To Chlorine Dioxide Gas Penetration

Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecule Size = 0.124 Nanometers or 8.06451612903 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules = 1 Nanometer  

(1000 Nanometers = 1 Micron)

(Oxygen = 0.0005 Micron in size) (Approximately 4 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.0005 microns)

(Atmospheric Dust = 0.001-40 Microns in size) (Approx. 8 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.001 microns)

(Viruses = 0.005 – 0.3  Microns in size) (Approximately 40 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.005 microns)

(Tobacco Smoke = 0.01 – 4 Microns in size) (Approximately 80 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.01 microns)

(Ozone = 0.1 – 0.2 Microns in size) (Approximately 800 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.1 microns)

(Lead = 0.1-0.7 Microns in size) (Approximately 800 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.1 microns)

(Bacteria = 0.3 – 60 Microns in size) (Approximately 2,400 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.3 microns)

(Insecticide Dusts = 0.5-10 Microns in size) (Approximately 4,000 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.5 microns)

(Pet Dander = 0.5 – 100 Microns in size) (Approximately 4,000 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 0.5 microns)

(Anthrax = 1- 5 Microns in size)  (Approximately 8,000 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 1 micron)

(Mold Spores = 10 – 30 Microns in size)  (Approximately 80,000 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 10 microns)

(Pollen = 10 – 1000 Microns in size) (Approximately 80,000 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules  will fit inside 10 microns)

As you can see from the examples above, Chlorine Dioxide Gas can penetrate much deeper into indoor materials, than most toxins, pollen’s, viruses or bacteria. This is why Chlorine Dioxide Gas works so well at eliminating indoor odors, reducing indoor allergens, destroying indoor viruses and bacteria. Chlorine Dioxide Gas is truly the Miracle Vapor Gassing Systemof the 21st century.